Koala Lifestyle

Redefining what an Amazon Retailer Should Be

Long Term Focus

We’re focused on creating a business that lasts. We don’t take shortcuts and believe perfect products take time. We’re patient.

Diving Deep

It’s okay if a product serves a niche audience. In fact, we prefer it that way. We love serving customers who feel underserved.

Problem Solvers

We often find market opportunities where other retailers and brands get lazy. We love solving our customers’ problems – no matter how complex.

Great Partners

We take pride in who we work with and are rather selective. We’re deeply loyal to our brand and manufacturing partners.

Our Story

Koala Lifestyle was founded in 2015. In that time, we’ve partnered with dozens of brands representing hundreds of different products. We’ve built a business that measures our annual revenue in the millions and annual orders in the hundreds of thousands.

What’s our secret? We listen to our customers always providing a killer value proposition and stellar products.

  • Optical Products 50%
  • Sports & Outdoor Products 25%
  • Lifestyle Products 15%
  • Healthy & Beauty Products 5%
  • Luxury Products 5%

Our Team

Kevin Nuss

Kevin Nuss


Kevin spent a handful of years working in NYC in Finance Technology before branching out on his own to start a number of entrepreneurial adventures focused on Luxury, Technology, and E-Commerce. He founded Koala Lifestyle in 2015 with his father and is focused on continuing its rapid growth. In his free time, you’ll find him mountain biking, hiking, or running in the woods.

Jacqueline Nuss

Jacqueline Nuss

Vice President

Jacqueline and Kevin are married to each other and Koala Lifestyle. Jacqueline’s focus is on building the Koala Lifestyle brand. She also manages Koala’s growing operations and customer service. She’s the heart and soul of our company.

Patrick John Pannone

Patrick John Pannone

Operations Assistant

Patrick John (PJ) spends most of his time ensuring our hot selling products remain in stock in Amazon’s warehouses. We ship to Amazon every day so they can fulfill hundreds of daily customers’ orders. He’s also a pretty awesome personal trainer.

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